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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Call to Action

Without additional funding support from the Board of Supervisors, CCPS cannot fund reduced class size, material resources and any meaningful increase in your take home pay.  The minimal increases we see “on paper” vanish with increasing health care premiums and contributions to VRS.


Contact members of the BOS and share your story.  Let them know how reductions in funding support have hurt your classroom and your family. Do you work a second or third job?  Are the ever increasing demands draining you of energy to do your best work? Are you considering leaving the profession you love?  Tell them your story! Text, e-mail, phone call! 

Tell each BOS member that you need him/her to support advertising a tax rate of no less than 98 cents.  A three cent increase in the current rate could generate over $9 million in additional funding.

Reach out to your friends and community contacts and ask them to make contacts with the BOS as well.  Use your social networks, personal e-mail lists and relationships with parents and business leaders. Help them understand how the continuing reductions in funding are negatively impacting your classroom and your ability to be fully committed to the CCPS community.

Bermuda District
Dorothy Jaeckle
Office: (804) 748-1211
Home/Voice Mail: (804) 748-4364
Dale District
James M. "Jim" Holland, Chair
Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice: (804) 768-7528

Clover Hill District
Arthur S. (Art) Warren 
Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice Mail: (804) 768-7396
Matoaca District
Steve A. Elswick, Vice-Chairman

Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice Mail: (804) 768-7400

Midlothian District
Daniel A. Gecker
Office: (804) 748-1211
Voice Mail: (804) 768-7397

Make contacts only from a personal computer or smartphone and during non-contract hours.
Gather friends and family to attend the BOS meeting on January 22, 2014.
 Wear red for public ed!

The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors meetings are held in the Public Meeting Room, 10001 Iron Bridge Road. Sessions typically begin at 3 p.m., break at 5 p.m. for dinner, and then resume at 6:30 p.m

Monday, June 10, 2013

Citizens Standardized Testing Forum Gaining Momentum - Now at Tomahawk Creek MS

Citizens Standardized Testing Forum

7pm, Thursday, June 13th
Tomahawk Creek MS
1600 Learning Loop, Midlothian, VA 23114

The Citizens Standardized Testing Forum will be holding a very important meeting with Chesterfield County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Marcus Newsome.

Dr. Newsome will share what superintendents across Virginia have proposed in an effort to take the focus off of standardized testing and give students the skill sets necessary to think critically and solve problems. The brief presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.

Please share this invitation with your colleagues and community parents. This grassroots movement has the potential to positively impact your students.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Building Anything of Lasting Value--Whether it's a Playground, a Union, or a Society--Takes Collective Action and a Desire to Achieve

What a great day!

As I wind down my CEA Presidency, I had the opportunity to participate in a unique community service project today. Bermuda District School Board Representative Carrie Coyner helped CCPS and Chesterfield County Parks and Rec win a competitive grant from a new $4.1M partnership between the KaBoom! Foundation and Carmax to build a community playground for children in neighborhoods in need of assistance. Fit4Kids also helped support the project, and the specific playground design came from the area children themselves.

As Tropical Storm Andrea taunted us all day, we were our own force of nature! It was awesome! It was wet, it was dirty, it was high energy--the best organized chaos ever. Over 150 volunteers without specific construction skills randomly assigned to teams under the direction of about 10 task captains raised the entire playground in just shy of 4.5 hours. And, little did we know until we started, we were competing head-to-head with a team doing the same thing in L.A. Right Coast wins again!

I planted and mulched trees, carried bags of concrete, erected a 6-seat swingset, drove in 3-foot metal pins to hold the playground border in place, and raked cypress mulch under the swings to a depth of 2 feet! All while having a great time with people who gave up their day to build this fantastic playground that will serve the kids of the Bellwood and Bensley communities for many years to come. These two elementary schools are high-performing Title I schools, and this is exactly the kind of recognition and community pride they deserve. I am happy to have been able to represent all the teachers from those schools who could not participate because they were in their classrooms with excited students. This was one of the most satisfying activities of my presidency, and something I will always remember.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Annual Recognition Meeting

Thank you to all of the wonderful educators who have given so much of yourselves to advance the lives of children and public education in Chesterfield County. It was my great pleasure and honor to recognize and celebrate you tonight. Please remember to take that moment every day to recognize and celebrate yourselves, because what you do truly IS the BEST* thing to do in this world (*apologies to doctors, nurses, civil engineers, and the U.S. Military). 

Step 1: Take a Deep Breath.
Step 2: Come on, say it; "Man, I'm Good!"
Step 3: Deep Breath.

Special thanks to JoAnn Karsh for being our keynote and our inspiration. The impact you have had on this generation of advocates and leaders is immeasurable; each ripple in the pool leaving its own mark upon the shore in its own time. Thank you so much for agitating the water. We wish you continued happiness, wonder, and fulfillment on the next stage of your journey.

As I presided over the Rep Council for the final time tonight, I was reminded of two things: (A) We often allow ourselves to be defined by our 'whats' instead of our 'whys'; (2) We really shouldn't do that. 
Thank you all for allowing me to lead this body for the last four years, and for sharing your whys as we tried to accomplish our whats. There's a lot more I could say, I'm just not sure how.

Thank you.

CEA Annual Recognition Celebration

Today's the Day!!!

Come celebrate the truly outstanding careers and accomplishments of CEA Members as we recognize the professional educators who have given so much to their students, colleagues, and communities of Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Please join us at the Fulghum Center (Cogbill Rd) from 4:00-5:30 pm to congratulate and thank our retiring Members and award winners.
An abbreviated monthly Rep Council meeting will follow the celebration; please bring your school survey data.

Monday, May 20, 2013

School Communities Suffer Natural Disaster

Our thoughts are with the students, faculties, families, and communities of Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary Schools in Moore, Oklahoma.